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Front-End Dev Boilerplate with Automatic Build, Watch & Live Reload

Although there are a lot of boilerplates out there, creating your own makes sure that you have full understanding and control over your codebase.

This article will guide you through creating of an initial setup for modern front-end development, including:

  • CommonJS Modules
  • Gulp as build tool
  • App config file
  • Local dev server with gulp-live-server
  • Live reload with BrowserSync
  • SASS compilation and bundling with gulp-concat and gulp-sass
  • JS compilation and bundling with Browserify and vinyl-source-stream
  • JS linting with gulp-eslint

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The web is dead, or is it?

We are at a crossroads. A battle is going on around us: mobile web troops are fighting the native apps army. The apps are well equipped with hardware resources and native interfaces. The mobile web is throwing in responsive design to the defenses.

Who is winning? Are we going to manage our lives from the web browser or will there be an app for everything, literally?

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