Media Booster

Video/Image manipulation using experimental CSS3 Filters (currently only supported in Chrome). Accesses user’s webcam (HTML5). Click on the controls to apply filters to the video/photo. Several filters can be combined.

Media Booster Lab Preview

Supported Browsers: Chrome

CSS3 Filters

Media Booster >>

WebGL 3D World

A rotating 3D cube of an office. Click on the bubbles to pop them. Video is added as a texture. A 3D model of a dancing horse.

Bubbles in 3D lab preview

Supported Browsers:
Chrome and other modern browers that support WebGL.
No IE support (IE will add WebGL support in version 11).

3D model of a horse
A series of photos stitched to a cubemap

WebGL 3D World >>

Motion Detector

Uses HTML5 getUserMedia() to access user’s webcam. Detects motion by comparing two video frames and displaying the difference.

Motion Detection Lab Preview

Supported Browsers: Modern browsers

HTML5 Canvas getUserMedia()

Motion Detector >>

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