The web is dead, or is it?

We are at a crossroads. A battle is going on around us: mobile web troops are fighting the native apps army. The apps are well equipped with hardware resources and native interfaces. The mobile web is throwing in responsive design to the defenses.

Who is winning? Are we going to manage our lives from the web browser or will there be an app for everything, literally?

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Use absolute paths instead of relative to link to css, js, and media files

There are multiple ways to link to page assets such as CSS and javascript files, images and other media files.

You can use relative paths and link relative to the page. You can use absolute paths and link relative to the website root. There are also ways to link relative to the “home directory” and resolve paths on the server side.

Which way is the best? Relative paths are the simplest, but as the website scales, maintenance can quickly become an issue. I recommend using absolute paths for medium- to large-sized websites. If you want to know why read on.

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