Natalie BanegasI don’t consider myself to be an expert in any field. I am just passionate about web technologies and human-machine interaction.

My mind is constantly wandering and trying to imagine how technology will help us think and interact in the future. This makes me curious and makes me want to try out new things. For each new thing that I try, I get 10 new ideas. This becomes problematic sometimes, makes it harder for me to focus on one thing and complete the projects that I already started on. This is why there is another process running in parallel that constantly weighs in and analyses the ideas and sets priorities. Each idea is evaluated against the end goal, even the end goal gets evaluated and evolves.

Through all this discovery and exploration there is one thing that always stands out and never changes: the joy of building new things. There is nothing more satisfying than sitting down and crafting a blueprint of a brand-new system. Laying out the system components and their interactions, deciding on what technology that is best suited, figuring out constraints, data types, interfaces, fiddling with performance considerations.

No matter what I will be building in the future, this will always stay my number one passion, something that requires my full focus and attention. This is who I am: an architect, who loves getting into the flow and building new systems.

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